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Biography / プロフィール

 当時、フランス国立ボルドー・アキテーヌ管弦楽団、首席テューバ奏者であり、フランス国立リヨン高等音楽院の教授であった故 Mel Culbertson氏に師事する。

 1999年、フランス国立ペルピニャン音楽院より金メダルをトロンボーン、ユーフォニアム、室内楽それぞれで受ける。のちに同音楽院のテューバ/ユーフォニアム科の助教授となり、師である故Mel Culbertson氏のアシスタントとして後進の指導にあたる。

 2003年、ドイツ、ライプツィヒへ移りRundfunk-Blasorchester Leipzig(ライプツィヒ放送吹奏楽団)のメンバーとして活動、2004年にはハンガリーへ移りSzabolcsi Szimfonikus Zenekar(サボルチ交響楽団)の首席トロンボーン奏者として活動する。

 2004年にハンガリー、ブダペストで開催されたI.T.E.C.(International Tuba Euphonium Conference/世界テューバ・ユーフォニアム大会)にゲスト・アーティストとして参加、ソロリサイタルを行う。2012年にオーストリアのリンツで開催された同大会でもゲスト・アーティストとして参加し、地元リンツの吹奏楽団とP.Spark作曲のPantomimeを演奏する。


 1995年にアメリカで開催されたI.T.E.C.(International Tuba Euphonium Conference/世界テューバ・ユーフォニアム大会)の中でのコンクールのヤングアーティスト部門で第2位。それを機に日本国内のみでなく、日本国外にも目を向けるようになる。


 He went to France for taking part in international competition in 1997. At that time, he was very very moved and shocked by great performances which performed by great musicians from Europe.

 This is the big point for his life.

 He went to Perpignan/France to study under Mr. Mel Culbertson(ex-principal tuba in Orchestre National de Bordeaux Aquitaine / ex-professor in CNSMD de Lyon) in 1998. He changed a lot of things(style of playing music and life) because of he was very influenced by Mr. Mel Culbertson(Mel gave him very nice nickname "Pepe").

 He received 3 gold medals for the Euphonium, the Trombone and chamber music from CNR de Perpignan in 1999. Few years later, he became assistant professor at CNR de Perpignan and gave lessons with Mr. Mel Culbertson.

 In 2003, he moved to Leipzig/Germany and played in the Rundfunk-Blasorchester Leipzig(Leipzig Radio Wind Orchestra) as principal

 As many Japanese brass musicians are so, Pepe began to play the Euphonium at age of 13 when he was in junior high school in Ehime, Japan.
 Fortunately, he was in the school which has very good tradition in music playing and the wind band of school is very good with good teacher.
 He continued to play the Euphonium in high school and when he was 18 years old, he began to play the Trombone as well.

 In 1995, he took part in I.T.E.C.(International Tuba Euphonium Conference) in USA and took 2nd prize in the young artist division of the solo competition.


Tenorhorn(euphonium) and next year, he moved to Nyiregyhaza/Hangary and play in the Szabolcsi Szimfonikus Zenekar(Szabolcsi Symphony Orchestra) as principal Trombone.

 He was invited to I.T.E.C.(International Tuba Euphonium Conference) in Budapest/Hungary in 2004 as guest artist and gave solo recital. He was invited to I.T.E.C. in Linz/Austria in 2012 again as guest artist and performed "Pantomime by P.Sparke" with wind band.

 He took part in several international competitions and got some prizes such as 3rd prize in the Euphonium division and 2nd prize(there was no 1st prize) in the Trombone division at the 1st International Brass Competition in Jeju(south Korea) in 2000.

 He gave master-classes and concerts in Japan and other countries in Europe such as France and Spain.


 In 2005, he moved to Japan and he has kept giving solo activities and teaching.
 He has been musical director of Brass Band "Camellia"since 2008.

 He performed Euphonium Concerto No.3 "Diamond Concerto" by P.Sparke with Ehime University wind band as Japan Premiere in 2012.
 He invited to AETYB(Spanish Euphonium and Tuba Association) Festival in Barcelona as guest artist in 2014 and gave master-class and solo recital.

 He performed TWO-BONE Concerto by J.de Meij as soloist with another soloist Jörgen van Rijen as Japan Premiere with Kyushu Wind Orchestra under the baton of its composer J.de Meij in Fukuoka in 2018.

 He has established his publishing company "Music. A. Pepe" and publishes his arrangements, composition and CDs such as his solo Euphonium CD "Carmen Fantasy"(2005) and Double CD with Trombone and Euphonium "BOLD AS BRASS"(2012).


 He has been performing on ADAMS Custom E1 Euphonium and giving concerts and master-classes as ADAMS Euphonium Artist.

 He has been performing on YAMAHA YSL-882OR, YSL-882GOR and YSL-671 and he is giving concerts and master-classes as YAMAHA Trombone Artist.

 He has been principal Trombone of the Osaka Symphony Orchestra since 2015. Euphonium lecturer at the ESA Music Academy.




 2012年9月には、愛媛大学吹奏楽団との共演でイギリスの作曲家Philip Sparke氏の「ダイアモンド・コンチェルト(ユーフォニアム協奏曲 第3番)」の日本初演を成功させた。




 2018年、福岡での九州管楽合奏団の定期演奏会にて、J.de Meij氏の「TWO-BONE Concerto」をJörgen van Rijen氏と共にソリストとして日本初演を成功させる。

 2005年に自身の出版会社「Music. A. Pepe(ムジカぺぺ)」を設立。CDや自身がアレンジをした楽譜の販売を開始。

 2005年にユーフォニアムでのソロCD「Carmen Fantasy」を、2012年にトロンボーン、ユーフォニアムでの2枚組CD「BOLD AS BRASS」をリリース。

 オランダ、ADAMS社のCustom Euphonium E1を演奏し、ADAMS Euphonium Artistとして精力的に活動している。

 YAMAHA社のTrombone YSL-882OR、YSL-882GOR、YSL-671を演奏し、YAMAHA Trombone Artistとして精力的に活動している。